Manufacture and supply of ferroalloys and ligatures
pos. Vishnevogorsky
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Group of alloys which are used for modifying and alloying of steel and cast iron. With access to high-quality equipment and materials


Ligature - an intermediate alloy containing a large amount of the alloying metal to be added to the melt to obtain the desired chemical composition

Metal powders

This powder produced by powder metallurgy - by spraying the melt, reduction, grinding, electrolysis, autoclave method carbonyl

Fluxes containing alumina

This impurity added in the smelting of metals to form an appropriate degree of melting slag.

Vishnevogorsky Metallurgical Plant «SEVERNIY NIOBII»

VSW SEVERNIY NIOBII is focused in the metallurgical industry, electrode plants and factories for the production of wire.

On the production is carried out more than 150 career professionals, improved technology, and products undergo laboratory tests, which confirms its high quality. Perspective direction of development of our company - expanding the range of products according to customers' requirements.