Manufacture and supply of ferroalloys and ligatures
Trading house
c. Ekaterinburg
+7 (343) 350 93 78
pos. Vishnevogorsky
+7 (35149) 34 432
Contact details

Contact details

OOO Trading House vishnevogorsky metallurgical plant "North niobium" (TD VMZ "North niobium") is a dedicated structure that deals with purchase of raw materials and sale of products of LLC Vishnevogorsky metallurgical plant "North niobium" (OOO VMZ "North niobium").

Trading house Dom VMZ "North niobium"

Ekaterinburg, ul Mamina-Sibiryaka, d. 145, of. 279

Tel/Fax: +7 (343) 350-93-78


OOO VMZ "North niobium"

Chelyabinsk region, Kaslinsky district, settlement Vishnevogorsk, 1660 meters West of border village Vishnevogorsk to the left of the road Vishnevogorsk – Arakul, building 2.

Tel/Fax: +7 (35149) 34-432